You Can’t Just Legalize “Some” Forms of Immorality

My friend, Riley J. Hood, published the following article today. Riley gets to the core of the matter when he says, “The fact is you lost the war when homosexual acts were decriminalized.” The point is that once you decriminalize something on any level whatsoever, you forfeit the moral grounds for criminalizing it on any level at all. Once you decriminalize the camel sticking its nose under the tent, you forfeit the moral grounds for criminalizing any other part of the camel being in the tent and it’s only a matter of time before you’re sleeping with the whole camel.

By decriminalizing a thing, we are by default saying “this does not violate divine law or natural law and therefore is permissible.” Once we said that perverting the sexuality of the Creator’s creation was permissible in the form of engaging in homosexual acts, we forfeited the moral grounds for prohibiting any other form of sexual perversion. Either the Creator’s limits on sexuality are the limits or there are no limits at all and even your children are not safe.

To have any credibility, the right needs to get back to the root of the issue and declare that any and all sexual activity outside what the Creator created and authorized is unacceptable. You can’t legalize some forms of immorality and expect to still have grounds for prohibiting others.

What Do You Say? I’m Glad You Asked.

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” Leviticus 18:22

By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party

I was sent a letter dated 11/27/19 from a Wisconsin law group who sound like Republican crypto-libertarians, yet they do affirm the family and the law. They are more concerned with striking down bad laws than preserving good laws. Their letter read,

“The next battle brewing is sure to raise your blood pressure and make you reach for your checkbook. It’s that bad. The Madison School District recently adopted a policy that requires teachers to facilitate the desire of any child of any age to socially transition to a different gender. Not only is a medical or psychological review not required, parents need not be consulted. You read that correctly….parents need not be consulted. It gets worse though. District employees are even instructed to deceive parents. This issue is not about how to handle children with gender dysphoria. It is about whether the state will replace parents and families in raising our children. We say no. What do you say?”

I’m glad you asked. It is about trannies, and affirmative action on their behalf. The fact is you lost the war when homosexual acts were de-criminalized. You lost traditional marriage, adoption policy, and school policy in your never ending retreat, where you refuse to identify the enemy and pursue victory. If you don’t change your strategy, family integrity, and religious freedom will all be sacrificed on the altar of affirmative action, which is nothing more than atheistic social engineering. The silly suburban soccer mom never thought that when she stood up for homosexuals, that they would reward her by molesting and recruiting her children. But that is why homosexuals were properly seen as criminals.

The Milwaukee County Constitution Party affirms our CPOW Platform which reads, “We call upon all state officials to outlaw all acts of homosexuality.” The fact is, Wisconsin became the “Gay Rights State” in 1982 when Republican Governor “Red-vest” Dreyfus signed a bill de-criminalizing homosexuality and giving these perverts civil rights under state law. I will only spend my money on efforts which aim at achieving victory, and I have been supporting CPOW since 1992.

Milwaukee County Constitution Party

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Just Legalize “Some” Forms of Immorality

  1. Andy Ericksen

    Robert, Good to see you back in writing mode. I live right next door in Minnesota and it is just as bad. Thank you for your thoughts and keeping us up to date in this war and thank you Riley for the insight provided.

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