You Can’t Just Legalize “Some” Forms of Immorality

My friend, Riley J. Hood, published the following article today. Riley gets to the core of the matter when he says, “The fact is you lost the war when homosexual acts were decriminalized.” The point is that once you decriminalize something on any level whatsoever, you forfeit the moral grounds for criminalizing it on any level at all. Once you decriminalize the camel sticking its nose under the tent, you forfeit the moral grounds for criminalizing any other part of the camel being in the tent and it’s only a matter of time before you’re sleeping with the whole camel. Continue reading “You Can’t Just Legalize “Some” Forms of Immorality”

In Defense of Marriage and Public Morality

I’ve been criticized for my support of Referendum 71 and its effort to reject SB 5688, a bill passed by our state legislature that would extend all of the rights and responsibilities associated with traditional marriage, to “same sex domestic partners.” My (and the Constitution Party’s) support of the effort to overturn SB 5688, has offended some people who have taken it to mean that I think “fags are bad,” or that I want to force my religion Continue reading “In Defense of Marriage and Public Morality”