Constitution Party

This page is primarily intended to be a listing of resources available to Constitution Party supporters. However, most of the items listed here will also serve as a good source of information for newcomers to the party. If you’re not already acquainted with the Constitution Party, please visit our national party’s website at

America Needs a Third Party NOW!

A collection of essays, articles, and speeches from Constitutionists around the nation, making the case for a Constitutionally-correct third party to emerge in American Politics in order to restore the Republic as provided for in the Constitution of the United States. By phasing in the original plan of the Founders, America’s economy and social structure can be revitalized. Order the book here.


The Castle Report – Weekly podcast by 2016 Constitution Party Presidential nominee, Darrell Castle. Darrell provides principle based commentary on current events that showcases Constitution Party values.

Video Channel – Promotional videos and featured speakers from our national committee meetings and conventions.

Constitution Minute – Poignant, timeless and deeply insightful commentaries by Constitution Party Congressional candidate, Randall Yearout.

Constitution Party Ads by Gil – 30 second spots produced by Constitution Party supporter Colin Hayes using his comedic persona known as ‘Gil.’

Promotional Materials

Constitution Party promotional items (shirts, hats, etc) can be acquired through Constitutional Supply House.

Print brochures from the links below.

  • Abridged Platform – The Constitution Party platform condensed to fit into a brochure (print on legal size paper).
  • Not Yours To Give – A brochure based on the true story of Colonel Davy Crockett explaining to his fellow members of the U.S. House why the funds of America’s tax payers were not theirs to give for any but the purposes authorized in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Seven Principles – The seven uncompromisable principles of the Constitution Party. May be printed as a flyer on letter size paper, or use this file to print as four cards per sheet of cardstock.
  • Funding America – A brochure outlining the Constitution Party’s plan for funding the federal government’s legitimate functions.
  • Politics as Usual Has Failed – A card that gives a brief overview of, and argument for, the Constitution Party (print three per sheet on letter size cardstock).
  • Right to Bear Arms – A Constitution Party card supporting the Constitutional right of Americans to keep and bear arms (print three per sheet on letter size cardstock).
  • Secure Our Borders – A card stressing the need to secure America’s borders (print three per sheet on letter size cardstock).
  • Constitution Quiz – A fun way to engage the public at a fair booth or other public event. Answers to quiz questions are on the back.
  • Questions for Candidates – A good item to hand out at election time that arms the voter with principled questions that should be put to the candidates for public office.
  • Banner – Download and take the file to a local print shop to make a full size Constitution Party banner for local meetings and events.

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