A primary focus of my political activities and writing is to prompt us to consider issues in the light of sound, guiding principles, and to hold fast to those principles. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge of liberty through limited government under the rule of law, and of the supremacy of the Creator and His laws for His creation, have been lost, forgotten, or compromised away. Even those who make occasional reference to the founders or the Constitution often speak merely from our opinion and what we “think” government should do.

Therefore, I encourage all of us to keep ourselves apprised the sound principles of good government to make sure we are staying the course. The following are some recommended resources for your ongoing education.

Institute on the Constitution

The Institute on the Constitution, subtitled “A Study on Christianity and the Law of the Land,” is a 12 part study that addresses both our nation’s founding documents and the philosophies that guided the men who gave us those documents. You cannot correctly understand the documents until you understand the men who wrote them and the reasons for their actions.

This is a “do it yourself” study course consisting of a study guide with an outline and video lecture for each lesson. The IOTC Host Kit is designed for group study (though it’s great for individuals as well) and provides all the tools needed for even a novice in Constitutional principles to present the course. This is a quality resource that’s worth the price and can be used over and over to host presentations and teach the Constitutional principles to others.

There are several other great courses produced by the IOTC available here.



Much of my education in Constitutional principles has come through hearing speeches or watching video presentations by Constitutionally astute men. Here are a few recommended resources – all FREE!

Additional Resources

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