The following are some of the resources that have helped inform my political understanding and shape my views. Some of my greatest influences have come from personal acquaintances that I cannot share with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the resources below should be enough to help you find a solid  Biblical and Constitutional understanding of law and government and the political policies that correspond.

God’s Word

The Lord Jesus Christ must be the foundation of every political endeavor and governmental policy (1 Cor 3:11). Anything that is not built in accordance with God’s word is built in vain (Psa 127:1).

Institute on the Constitution

The Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is the premiere study course for rediscovering both America’s founding documents and the philosophical worldview behind them. The course is designed for either individual or group study and can be completed in 12 weeks with just a few hours of study each week.

News and Commentary

I gave up newspapers long ago, offended by their liberal bias. I next quit listening to conservative talk radio realizing its subtle fear mongering, designed to keep the R party faithful inline, was causing me anxiety. Finally, I turned off the TV news when I realized it was giving me a warped perspective of the world around me through its selective reporting and secular humanist worldview.

Frankly, you don’t need to hear every detail about every event and every opinion in order to have an accurate understanding of the nature of the world around you and the knowledge to correctly interact with it. Nevertheless, to stay reasonably informed without being subjected to socialist brainwashing or partisan propaganda, the following are some of the sources I rely on.


Nearly every election year, people ask me who to vote for. I am unwilling to simply provide a list of names or tell people which candidate is “better” as better does not necessarily mean Biblically and Constitutionally correct. What I prefer to do is direct people to sound, principled instructions on how to vote, as in, what considerations should guide our thought process as we select persons to govern over us, our families, and our neighbor’s families. I recommend the following resources for your consideration before casting your vote.

How Should We Vote? – 3 Minute video (or transcript) by Jake MacAulay, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute on the Constitution.

How Shall We Vote #1 – Article by Michael Peroutka, co-founder of the Institute on the Constitution.

Voting for the American View – Article by Michael Peroutka.

Questions to Ask a Candidate – Five questions by Michael Peroutka

Ten Questions for Legislative Policy Review – Not only helps you assess legislative policies, but your representative’s vote on policy.

The Patriot Collection

An audio collection of speeches by some of the people who imparted my early understanding of Christian Constitutionalism. This is what I understood to be mainstream conservatism back in the 1990s.

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