The Patriot Collection

Chuck Baldwin – America, A Biblical & Historical Review

Darrell Castle – 95 Years of Fraud & Theft

Doug Gamble – Stand or Die

Edwin Vieira – Constitutional Homeland Security

Herb Titus – 1st Commandment & 1st Amendment

Herb Titus – Guns, Tobacco & You

Herb Titus – Interposition, Duty of States to Protect Citizens

Herb Titus – Life & Death

Howard Phillips – All Education is Religious, Gov Must Get Out

Howard Phillips – Case For A Constitutional Presidency

Howard Phillips – Grassroots Politics

Howard Phillips – Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech

John Beal – Americas Christian Heritage

John Beal – Americas Christian History-Fact Or Fiction

Peg Luksik – Wheels of the Bus

Ted Cruz – The Real Story of What is Happening in Washington