What is the National Endowment for Democracy?

What is the National Endowment for Democracy? Who funds it? What does it do? If we can’t answer these questions, then we can’t honestly claim to understand what’s shaping the world we live in.

The National Endowment for Democracy is just one example of the kind of taxpayer-funded NGOs (non-governmental organization) and/or corporately funded think tanks and other entities operating six layers deep behind the scenes that actually determine policy and shape the world we live in. This is the deep state, and the National Endowment for Democracy is an example of one of the very real creatures that live in what has come to be called “The Swamp” and which the public is almost completely oblivious to.

You can listen to this exposé to learn about the National Endowment for Democracy and the many tentacles of the world order that it connects with.

Frankly, talk about impeaching the President, Russians tampering with elections, or even building a border wall, are all just distractions that keep the masses caught up in political theater that keeps us too preoccupied to discover who and what is really shaping the world we live in.

No, I’m not talking about the classic paranoid conspiracy theory that envisions the global power elite meeting in the basement of the White House to secretly plot in singleness of purpose the take over the world and the ushering in of the Antichrist. Rather, I’m talking about how, in real life, the concentration of power, money, and military might, attracts the greedy and those who lust for power. Many among these no doubt comfort themselves with the self-deception that they are using the power for a noble purpose, while others only care about the business and banking bottom line, but all are drawn to the same centers of power which they seek to use as a means to their own ends.

Whether you believe the National Endowment for Democracy and associated NGOs are actually doing good or evil, you owe it to yourself to understand what is being done with your tax dollars by people in Congress who vote to give those dollars to private entities that they sit on the boards of and use to influence foreign policy, public opinion, and even engage in regime change.

Though the host of this podcast occasionally interjects her personal liberal political ideology, the facts being presented for your edification are not to be found among any who call themselves the “news media” nor even among the Republican propaganda machine called “conservative talk radio.” So, please filter out whatever might offend and be challenged to consider why it is that whether we vote D or R, the general direction of government, monetary policy, and foreign policy never really changes as nearly all in both parties are in the same globalist world order bed together.

(listen to the exposé at: https://congressionaldish.com/cd186-national-endowment-for-democracy/)

8 thoughts on “What is the National Endowment for Democracy?

  1. Andy Ericksen

    Not one comment in two months. Does no body agree? Is everybody now clueless? Robert, thank you for taking time to post the truth in this lost world and for this lost generation. Timely, thought provoking truth. I do not know the numbers of those who read your posts but I for one thoroughly appreciate them.

  2. Robert, No new post since March, is all OK? I am sure there have been bouts with the loss of your mom but I am glad we will be able to unite with her once we leave this temporal world. A thought for future posts is that maybe you can begin a discussion one by one on each of Russell Kirks “Ten Conservative Principles: https://kirkcenter.org/conservatism/ten-conservative-principles/?fbclid=IwAR2VnTMBE0ifcoNmAy-OZ7etlaIXEQQ5KF15EB1OoPkFTKBl65U1ZReqBvg

    1. Andy – Sorry to be so slow to reply to you, and so slow to write new articles, and slow to do a few other things as well. However, the answer is, “Yes – All is Okay!” It seems I should be freed up and have more time to write more articles, but for reasons I can’t fully explain, it just hasn’t been that way.

      I had a great Christmas vacation visiting family in California. Then, I did manage to post articles in January and March.

      In April I gave most of my attention to a visit from Michael Peroutka of the Institute on the Constitution. Michael had some speaking engagements in the area and I provided his lodging and served as his chauffeur. It was fun to renew an old acquaintance.

      In June, I took another trip to California to take in a couple ministry events, a few days with family, and drive the long way home through some northern California and Oregon mountains I’ve wanted to see.

      Since then, I’ve started two articles and one much longer and more involved research and writing project, but, there have also been a couple rental property turnovers that have taken some time and as a result, I haven’t finished any of the articles I’ve started, but I haven’t given up either.

      Thanks for the link to the Ten Conservative Principles. I’m going to have to look into that.

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  4. Robert, I just now stopped back in and noticed your reply above. I did not receive a notice at my regular email, as I thought I did in the past, giving indication of a reply. Anyhow, life is busy but it is good to hear that all is well. I look forward to reading your next articles as you post them. I hope you enjoy Kirk’s “Ten Conservative Principles”. I have recently read and am reading again his books “The Conservative Mind” and “Prospects for Conservatives” Blessing to you my friend. Andy

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