News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate

Matt SheaWell, it’s begun. The day after primary election ballots began to be mailed out to Spokane County voters, a local television news channel, KXLY, decided to whole-heartedly throw itself behind the efforts of the Republican Party establishment leadership’s attempt to unseat pro-God, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty incumbent State Representative, Matt Shea. In what was the most blatantly un-professional and un-newsworthy hit piece I believe I have ever seen from an entity claiming the title of “media,” Spokane’s KXLY 4 News expended one of their prime spots on last night’s Six O’clock News hurling baseless, insinuations and allegations at the incumbent Republican representative who has been a thorn in the side of the big government, status quo Republican leadership since the day voters first sent him to Olympia six years ago.

Last night’s news story pretended to be prompted by a mystery person who overheard a conversation in a local restaurant that made him think he was witnessing dangerous extremists who might be plotting something. The “dangerous extremists” turned out to be Washington State Representative Matt Shea and local members of the Oath Keepers organization (a national organization of current and former military and police personnel committed to keeping their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution). The frightening conversation overheard by the mystery person was a discussion of such terrifying topics as church, government and firearms.

The supposed news story then launched into an attack on Shea as being a controversial character who speaks at liberty type events where he suggests that people should own guns and ammunition. Of course they manage to present it in a manner that suggests he is promoting an armed revolution to overthrow the government, which is completely false, but it’s all in how you spin it.

It’s quite apparent that it was Republican Party, insider, establishment leadership that recruited an opponent to run against Shea this year. Matt has enjoyed such widespread support from his constituents and overwhelming election victories, that it surprised me to think that the party establishment would believe they could unseat such a popular, well loved and squeaky clean young, Christian, military veteran, incumbent – unless, that is, they have a sufficiently subversive, dirty trick up their sleeve.

For a few months now, the opposition has been sending a spy to meetings and events where Shea was speaking. I was at one such event where the spy was pointed out by Shea and invited to come sit up on the front row so he could get a better picture from the camera he was trying to conceal. The opposition operative quickly turned and walked out of the event. I now find myself questioning who the “mystery” person was who felt compelled to “go public” with what he overheard in the restaurant.

It may seem odd for the state chairman of the Constitution Party to be coming out in support of the incumbent Republican State Representative, but the Constitution Party has long prided itself on placing principle over politics, and besides, this just got my blood pumping.

I know Matt Shea personally. I’ve heard him speak in public many times and have also shared private and confidential conversations with him. Matt Shea is one of the most honorable and patriotic men of upstanding Christian character that I have had the privilege to know. I already had one of Matt’s campaign signs in my yard, but this just reminded me that I need to send him a donation too. Anyone whose devotion to God, country, the rule of law and liberty is so strong as to incur this level of loathing from the “R” Party leaders and provoke this vile of an attack by the local news media, is someone that I want to stand with.

PS. This just reminded me why I quit watching the TV news some years ago and why I will not be watching it again for a long time to come.


NOTE: You can sign a petition calling on KXLY to practice responsibility in journalism at

7 thoughts on “News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate


    I do not watch Cable News. I am not so dumb as to do that after the first or second time.
    There have been many good people fired form Cable because they wanted to tell the
    Joyce Luna

    1. I actually quit watching TV news and taking the paper many years ago and find I’ve had a better, more accurate perspective on the world around me since I quit. I only turned the TV on last week because I noticed a lot of smoke in the air. Here in eastern Washington that usually means there’s a big forest fire somewhere in the state. I missed the beginning of the news that would have told about the fires, but caught the hit piece on my local representative. I’m actually glad I just happened to turn the TV on that one particular day so I could have the chance to once again expose how corrupt and devious the media has become.

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