Analysis of KXLY Story on State Representative Matt Shea

News 260The following is an analysis of the KXLY television news story on State Representative, Matt Shea, aired July 17, 2014. This is not a “fault finding” document seeking merely to complain. Rather, this is intended as an honest assessment of the story from the perspective of responsible journalistic practices. It should also be pointed out that this is not about defending Representative Shea, but is about protecting all public officials, candidates for office and citizens alike from the harm that can be done when the media departs from journalistic integrity and becomes a political tool.

I Suspicion of source

When a news release is received from a candidate for public office that is critical of his opponent, a good journalist must suspect that it may be an attempt by that candidate to use the media as a tool for political mudslinging. When that news release is distributed the same day that the mail-in ballots begin to arrive with voters, then a real journalist’s suspicions should go through the roof. Continue reading “Analysis of KXLY Story on State Representative Matt Shea”

KXLY Responsibility in Journalism Petition

An open letter from Robert Peck to the greater Spokane community. Originally distributed via email list.

On Thursday, July 17, Spokane’s KXLY television news aired a blatantly defamatory story about Washington State Representative, Matt Shea (click here to view the story). You may have already read the article that I published exposing KXLY’s slanderous attack on a sitting representative of the people of the State of Washington.

This is not just about Representative Shea. Though Matt Shea is one of the few overtly God honoring, Constitution upholding champions of liberty currently serving in public office, the practice of character assassination by media insinuation without the benefit of trial, is a despicable act that must be opposed whatever the victim’s political views. Those who wear the title of “media” hold a certain public trust. The story aired by KXLY violated that trust. Continue reading “KXLY Responsibility in Journalism Petition”

News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate

Matt SheaWell, it’s begun. The day after primary election ballots began to be mailed out to Spokane County voters, a local television news channel, KXLY, decided to whole-heartedly throw itself behind the efforts of the Republican Party establishment leadership’s attempt to unseat pro-God, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty incumbent State Representative, Matt Shea. In what was the most blatantly un-professional and un-newsworthy hit piece I believe I have ever seen from an entity claiming the title of “media,” Spokane’s KXLY 4 News expended one of their prime spots on last night’s Six O’clock News hurling baseless, insinuations and allegations at the incumbent Republican representative who has been a thorn in the side of the big government, status quo Republican leadership since the day voters first sent him to Olympia six years ago. Continue reading “News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate”