Is the Lord Building This House or Is It Just Us Laboring in Vain?

When the Constitutional Convention of 1787 found itself in gridlock, Benjamin Franklin urged his fellow delegates that daily prayers should be made “imploring the assistance of Heaven.” Franklin observed that:

We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that “except the Lord build the House, they labor in vain that build it.[Psalm 127:1] I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the Builders of Babel . . .

The popularity of such religious sentiment may have waned in recent years, but the truth of God’s word, and the veracity of Mr. Franklin’s statement, remain unchanged. Labor expended on any house that is not of the Lord’s building is wasted effort that will not produce the desired results. Continue reading “Is the Lord Building This House or Is It Just Us Laboring in Vain?”

What if the Republicans Nominate a Conservative?

The following was written on behalf of the Constitution Party National Committee to address a question that has often been posed regarding the fielding of a Presidential candidate.

ShockThe question has been raised in the past, and I’m sure it will come up again, as to what the Constitution Party would do should the Republican Party choose a “true conservative” (ie, constitutional) Presidential nominee. Would the Constitution Party still field a Presidential candidate, and if so, why?

The Constitution Party does not have an official policy on this matter, i.e. a resolution or a clause in the party constitution or bylaws. So far this has not been a problem and with each passing election cycle it appears less likely to ever be a problem.

As a state party chairman, I can say that it has been the practice of our state affiliate to avoid running a Constitution Party candidate in opposition to a constitutionally sound incumbent whose performance in office comports with our platform. However, in cases of a constitutionally sound candidate who is not an incumbent, we view the ballot as belonging equally to all candidates and parties. We feel no compulsion to drop out of a race just because some people think that a candidate with a different party initial after his name is more likely to win. Continue reading “What if the Republicans Nominate a Conservative?”

Nothing’s Gonna Change

No Change - 350

The day after last week’s election, when I started hearing the reports of a “Great Republican Victory” – not only in D.C., but across the land and even in my own state – my first reaction was, “nothing’s gonna change.” That night, I spoke with my friend, former Missouri State Representative turned podcaster, Cynthia Davis, and her comment to me was (I paraphrase), “nothing’s gonna change.” The next day I read the weekly column of liberty movement leader and patriot pastor, my friend Chuck Baldwin, and his take on the election was, “nothing’s gonna change.” Yesterday, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka, published his weekly video commentary in which he subtly prompts the astute observer to realize that, “nothing’s gonna change.”

Is this just sour grapes on my part? Are my friends and I all a bunch of negative Nellies? After all, aren’t we supposed to give a person (or party) a chance to prove themselves before we judge them? Continue reading “Nothing’s Gonna Change”

GOP Should Rename itself the “Brand X” Party

I just read something very insightful in an article published in the Yakima Herald. In yet another article about GOP internal strife, I read these words:

“the state GOP has a policy of not endorsing one Republican over another.”

I have been noticing for some time now that the Washington State GOP consistently fails to give it’s approval to any particular “R” candidate, but I had chalked it up to the party’s generally weak and gutless lack of leadership. Perhaps I’m still a bit naive, but I really didn’t realize that the state GOP had an actual policy of not endorsing one “R” candidate over another.

Can - Brand X - 200x300In a state with a top-two primary, where anyone can walk in off the street, plunk down their filing fee, have his name placed on the ballot and choose what party initial, if any, he wants placed after his name, the GOP has consciously chosen a policy of complete abdication of leadership, allowing anyone to run under their party banner without being either endorsed or opposed by the party on the basis of minor details like adherence to the party platform.

If this is going to be their policy, then the GOP should change its name to something generic, like “Brand X,” as there’s no way for voters to know what’s inside the package when purchasing an “R” candidate at the polls. This is tantamount to a company developing a brand name, then selling labels bearing its name for anyone, anywhere, to slap on anything and call it official, genuine, certified “Brand X.” Continue reading “GOP Should Rename itself the “Brand X” Party”

News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate

Matt SheaWell, it’s begun. The day after primary election ballots began to be mailed out to Spokane County voters, a local television news channel, KXLY, decided to whole-heartedly throw itself behind the efforts of the Republican Party establishment leadership’s attempt to unseat pro-God, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty incumbent State Representative, Matt Shea. In what was the most blatantly un-professional and un-newsworthy hit piece I believe I have ever seen from an entity claiming the title of “media,” Spokane’s KXLY 4 News expended one of their prime spots on last night’s Six O’clock News hurling baseless, insinuations and allegations at the incumbent Republican representative who has been a thorn in the side of the big government, status quo Republican leadership since the day voters first sent him to Olympia six years ago. Continue reading “News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate”

Stop Fighting the Fruit – Start Chopping the Root

Axe to Root - 295I’m always looking for the principle behind a thing, the key thing, the root thing, the thing that makes it all work. I can’t walk into a building without starting to analyze the structure to figure out which is a load-bearing wall, which is a facade, what holds this up and what supports that.

I’m that way with politics and government too. I want to find the foundational principles that make for good government, the eternal truths that can tell me which policies are right or wrong. I want to make sure I’m getting to the root of the matter and am not being distracted by something superficial. Continue reading “Stop Fighting the Fruit – Start Chopping the Root”