Honored by the SPLC

The organization that I chair, the Constitution Party of Washington, along with the party’s many other state affiliates, has been honored by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with the title of “Extreme Antigovernment Group.” Please allow me to explain why this is an honor.

The Constitution Party is pro-civil government, pro-U. S. Constitution, and pro-rule of law. The Constitution Party understands that the rule of law emanates from the Creator who is the source of all authority; that authority has been delegated by God to man; that “we, the people,” have further delegated a portion of that authority to the institutions of civil government via the instruments of our state and federal constitutions. The only acts of governing that the Constitution Party opposes are those that violate the revealed will of the Creator or that violate the contract between we, the people, and the institutions of civil government.

Therefore, when the SPLC calls the Constitution Party “antigovernment,” it is by default saying that the only form of government that it views as legitimate is that which is unconstitutional, ungodly, or unbounded by the rule of law. Evidently, in the eyes of the SPLC, being “pro-government” means supporting administrations, bureaucracies, rules, and legislation that are outside of what the Creator, or we, the people, through our precious constitution, have authorized.

In its listings of antigovernment, extremist, and hate groups, the SPLC does include many organizations that are actually evil, such as Aryan Nations, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam (though not for being Islamic, but for being racist and anti-gay), and various iterations of the Ku Klux Klan to name a few. However, into the midst of that list, they also insert numerous Christian ministries, conservative groups and those committed to upholding the original intent of the U. S. Constitution, including Alliance Defending Freedom (protecting the religious liberties of Christians in court cases), American Family Association (family values), Family Research Council, Oath Keepers, and, of all things, WorldNetDaily. The primary factors that lead to Christian ministries and constitutional organizations landing on an SPLC hit list, appear to be opposition to sexual perversion, defense of Christian values, resistance to globalism, and contending for the God-given right to liberty through the limiting of government to the strictures of the constitution.

While many other Christian, conservative, and constitutional organizations made the list, the only other political parties to be named by the SPLC as “antigovernment,” are the American Patriot Party in Oregon and Texas, and the Santa Rosa, California, Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21. Apparently, the SPLC views both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party (and associated entities), as either friendly toward, or at least non-threatening to, the secular humanist, socialist, statist, globalist, Islamic, illegal immigration, LGBT and other agendas that the SPLC favors and seeks to protect.

Therefore, on behalf of the Constitution Party of Washington, and along with our many sister-state affiliates, I accept the honor of being named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a threat to their lust for unbridled government power and their contempt for the constitutional rule of law under God.

PS. For any who may be wondering just what kind of subversive organization I belong to, I invite you to review the Constitution Party’s list of seven key principles here, or to read our full plan for restraining government to its God-ordained role, and constitutionally-prescribed limits, in our platform here.

3 thoughts on “Honored by the SPLC

  1. Stephen Clay McGehee

    It’s an honor to be associated with an organization that has been included on that list. I passed along a word of congratulations on my gab(dot)ai account – another contender for such an honor for daring to encourage free speech.

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