Seeking the Remnant Leaders

As a strict constitutionist, I may be able to find some faults with the Reagan administration, such as increased national debt or not always toeing a perfectly constitutional line, but I am reminded by this video that Ronald Reagan stands in stark contrast to today’s political leaders – most so called “conservatives” included – as a sincere Christian man who publicly acknowledged God and possessed that true form of patriotism that honestly sought the best interests of his country. I challenge you to watch the video, then ask yourself how many men you can name who possess this kind of spirit and character among those inside the beltway today, or in your state government, or your city, or…?

I’ve been honored to know a few men – very few – cut from similar cloth, mostly from my association with the Constitution Party. However, I’m hard pressed to name men of such character among the dominant leadership of the Christian-conservative-right in our day. There are a handful of such men out there, but they are not being propelled to positions of prominence. It appears that the Christian right, the conservative movement, TEA Parties and the like, are preferring leaders with big names and political clout – men who can give them a seat at the table of power or who can win at the polls. Nevertheless, God always has a remnant reserved for Himself who have not bowed the knee to false gods nor compromised for political expediency, including a handful of remnant leaders with the values and patriotism of a Ronald Reagan. The question is, will God’s people seek out and rally around those remnant leaders or will they prefer to follow populist movements, power brokers and a favored party as they sell their Christian and American birthrights for a bowl of political pottage?

7 thoughts on “Seeking the Remnant Leaders

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. As I listened to his words, I was brought to tears as I have been searching for such a person as him to lead, be it a church, our City, our State, or our Country. I don’t know of any man… as you so challenged. I am new to the Constitution Party and I pray that we can not only have a leader but find the funds to put him in the running! Unfortunately, its the one with the most money that wins. It has nothing to do with integrity, honor, dignity, respect, truth, faithfulness, loyalty or patriotism, its all about the almighty dollar. So as I pray, Lord, show us the way, and help us to put Your person in the position of power that will serve Your interests and lead the people back to You, in Jesus’ Name, amen. And then I am reminded that He gave the people over to their own devices many times. And that is what He has done here as well. There are people that love Him with all their heart, but we are dwindling in numbers. God is all but removed from the country that He has blessed for over 200 years. I have said in many forums, America bless God, and have been chided and told its God bless America. And I reply that He has blessed America and He’s been removed from everywhere, even from the Church in some places! And in place of Him, the Q’ran is allowed to be taught in public school. I said, its time that America blesses God. Its time that America gets on their knees (i cannot due to being disabled, but in spirit I am on my knees) we need to humble ourselves before Him, and we CAN bless Him, we can praise Him, we can put Him back where He belongs, First in our lives, God, family, career… the enemy knew that if he could dissolve the family unit, that would also dissolve the influence of God in the family. Why do people so willingly allow the enemy to win so easily? Rise up America! Praise the One that is Worthy! Give Him the Glory and put the enemy under your feet where he belongs! Take back what God has given you through your Forefathers! Hold acceptable those in Washinton and those reporting on them!

    Forgive me from running on… I will reblog this and I will end this simply by saying thank you Lord for this vessel for putting this out for us, and I praise You and I ask that you continue to bless him and the hands that serve You Lord, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

    Blessings in faith,
    Rhonda aka


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    Where are candidates like this? He may not have been perfect, but he sought wisdom from God. This is the most important characteristic that should be something we look for in a president. He should be a man of God, the God of the Holy Bible, not the Q’ran. He should be a man of integrity, honor, dignity, respect, and character… none of which I have seen in a very long time. It’s all about who has the most money, wins. I hope that you will take they time to watch the video, remember what he said, let it pierce through to your heart as it did mine, as I am writing, I am still writing through tears. We need a Godly man in the Oval Office, one that will seek the wisdom of God and not listen to the enemy’s whisperings. Is there such a man?

    1. It’s my observation that there are a few (too few) Ronald Reagan, Patrick Henry, Founding Father types out there. The biggest problem is that the general Christian-conservative-right is not rallying around them to elevate them to prominence.

      My friend Randall Yearout comes to mind – a blue collar regular guy, but with a firm grasp of Biblical and constitutional principles of government. The Constitution Party ran Randall for Congress here in my district a few years ago. You can hear his powerful and insightful “Constitution Minute” radio spots here –

      My friend Rick Jore served four terms in the Montana state legislature, the last term as a Constitution Party member. Unfortunately, term limits in Montana prevented Rick from running again. You can hear his excellent interview and astute articulation of sound principles of good government on this episode of “Home Front”

      My friend Darrell Castle is a man of wisdom, discretion and sound understanding who, in my opinion, really has the qualities to be desired in a President. Many of us are promoting the idea of drafting Darrell to run for President (, a proposition that he is open to. You can hear Darrell’s podcast commentaries three times weekly at

      I could name numerous others that I have been privileged to be associated with and who possess the character and values of the American founders. However, what most of these have in common is that the Christian right is not rallying around, nor funding them. Some would say that it’s because they need to run as an “R” to win, but I have watched as people with similar principles did run as “R” and received no greater support and were attacked or undermined by their own party.

      I guess my bottom line is that revival and repentance is needed in the body of Christ first so that we will again embrace sound principles, step outside of our comfort zone and support men of character no matter whether they can win or what persecution might follow.

      Even if Godly and Constitutionally sound candidates do not win at the polls, I believe it is still important to put such men on the ballot if only to keep Biblical and constitutional principles before the public eye. If we offer such and the public rejects them, then let it be on their heads, but if we fail to raise such a standard worthy of the wise and honest rallying to, then we bear the blame.

      1. I could not agree with you more, Mr. Peck! I am extremely thrilled to hear that there was someone in the great State of Montana as that is where my mother is and where my children were born.

        I have also said what you have said. I was incredibly disappointed in the Christian community when they would say, “I would love to have Gov. Mike Huckabee as President, but I don’t think he can beat Hillary so I have to vote….” I would say, “Of course he can’t if you don’t VOTE FOR HIM!” So they sold out to whom they felt could win rather than who they believed was best suited for the Office of President of the United States of America. And what did we get? A man that is occupying that Office, not one to whom is even eligible, not one that has upheld his Oath of office the three times he has sworn to uphold it. I believe that God has given over to the people what they wanted just as he did numerous time throughout the Old Testament.

        I agree that Christians need to stand up and hold true to their faith. Unfortunately, the ‘church’ has chosen to serve mammon (their tax-exempt status) rather than God. At least this is my small perspective from where I am at. I have not been far from here. Perhaps it is different elsewhere. God has blessed me with the knowledge of how Christians in other countries serve Him and it puts the American Church (collectively) to shame, to be quite honest. I have an Internet Ministry that I started back in 1999 and had no idea other than I was trying to have a place where anyone that names the Name of Jesus as their Savior was welcome and anyone who was seeking to know more about Him could find out. It was also a place for me to let my local community about a Bible study that I was starting.

        Things have changed so much since then, however, from the beginning, I started getting invitations from foreign ministries to come, please, and preach the Good News and help them with the children. From the Philippines, to India, to Kenya, and now Pakistan. The one common thread through them all? They are taking care of others and they can barely care for themselves. They ask for prayer for their needs to be met so they can feed the children. One man, who lives with his parents, became a pastor overnight because God started sending orphans to him to feed and teach the Love of Christ to them as they couldn’t go to school without the proper clothing. At that time, you could send packages by ship. I collected boxes and boxes of clothing. People will part with their used items, but will not part with their cash as I am not a 501c3 organization so they don’t get a tax write off! So, we scrounged up the money and the Lord provided. We shipped several boxes. Scoffers said, how do you know those clothes got to those children? My answer was ready. “Because he sent pictures of the children who were so happy and they were wearing MY GRANDCHILDREN’S CLOTHING!”

        It is so precious to know that all of these ministries are sacrificing to do what God has called them to do. They don’t have fancy pieces of papers to frame and hang on their walls. They count themselves blessed by God to be able to feed the children ONE MEAL of rice each day!

        As for our politics, I am affiliated with the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. I was so happy to know that there is another option. I have posted this on my political blog. I also posted it on another friend’s blog and he went to their site and gave a donation! He was happy to have another choice! Praise the Lord!

        I agree, even if they don’t win, the point is voting your CONSCIENCE. People sell out so easily. You will see how I am frustrated with the American church. From my experience, all but one, preach the milk of the Word for 20 minutes and then either another service begins or a football games begins. I sat in the second pew for years, involved in various parts of the ministries of this church and came away still a babe in Christ. God called me out to an inner city church for a time. This was a time to prepare me, to teach me to step outside of my comfort zone as I had to become their worship leader. I was one of a few white people in the midst of mostly black children that this black pastor reached out to during the week. He was married to a white woman. As I tried to help him get things in order with his office, as he asked, I found that he was taking these children to places without the parents’ signed consent. I talked to him, with respect, as gently as I could, that he was truly putting himself at a legal risk by doing this and perhaps he should seek God about getting permission slips for any time you take these children off of the property. He did not receive this well at all. I sought God’s wisdom first. and He did say to address it but that it would not be received. It still was hard for me as I am, under the M&M shell, tenderhearted. So I left him alone in his office and said I would be back tomorrow, which was a Sunday. My daughter had been desperately trying to get me to come to this new church she was going to. And at one point, (she was living with us as her husband decided he no longer wanted to be a husband or father and dropped her off). I told her if she said, Pastor Stephen says… one more time…!”

        I went to church at the inner city church, I did what I was expected to do. Then I was suddenly expected to preach to the women. Little did either the Pastor nor his wife know that I was prepared to speak on a subject that the MOTHERS of these youngsters needed to hear. So there were a few and I spoke for about a half hour before the food was ready. (They always feed the congregation, though I never participated as I did not feel welcome buy the congregation.) This time I excused myself and went to where my daughter was.

        This was a totally new experience for me. At first this man seemed to me like a used car salesman. But I will tell you, he never preached from the pulpit, he TAUGHT from the pulpit. He preached out on the street. Inside the 4 walls, he taught the saints, equipping them as Scripture teaches. I was now getting fed the meat of the Word and I am not ashamed to say that I choked on it at first. I would hear him read a scripture and then speak on it and I would shake my head and then look down and the scripture was underlined and highlighted! I spent 4 wonderful years in this congregation and learned much, the pastor’s wife appointed me as the worship leader at one point so she was no longer having this on her shoulders as she did not feel it was her calling, though she had a beautiful voice. One woman was “jealous” and once she was removed, the anointing of God fell, Brother Peck. People were so amazed at the instruments that we had. They were shocked to find out that all we had were a guitar and drums!

        Because of this church, I cannot find another one that teaches from the pulpit. I won’t go into the details as to why I would need to find one, but now it isn’t necessary as I cannot drive and my husband is not truly interested in attending church, though he would be happy to take me. I am not a morning person anymore and no church does evening serves anymore,

        I DO have my Bible and I do have a wonderful person who has offered to have his teachings posted on my ministry site. Brother Peck, since 1999, this is the first time anyone has offered anything without getting something! This is of great encouragement to me. I find it as God’s direction that I am doing something pleasing to Him.

        So, I will close this by saying, THANK YOU LORD for putting Mr. Peck into my life. Thank you for his wisdom and encouragement, I ask that you continue to bless him as he continues to seek to serve You and Your people and the country that You have blessed for over 200 years. Father, I pray that you will bless his family and that You will show us whom You would like for us to support to lead this country back to the God-fearing country it once was. Lord, grant to us wisdom and grace and proper perspective in all that we think, say, and do, for Your glory, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

        Thank you for your response and for the links and if you have gotten all the way through this, thank you for your perseverance!

        Your sister in Christ,

  3. Amen and Amen Sister Rhonda! I don’t know what more to say.

    Glad to hear you’re plugged in with the Constitution Party folks there in Wisconsin. Whenever I make it out of Washington (state that is), Wisconsin is one of the places on my radar to try to go. I visit up around Wisconsin Rapids, but maybe sometime I can make it to a CP meeting in the Milwaukee area (which I assume is where you are) and we can get better acquainted then.

    1. That would be so nice, though I am further South from Milwaukee, nearer to the Illinois border. My State Rep. is in Milwaukee, as you said, though I thought there was a Racine office as well but, my husband is NOT politically active and it would take some good coordination to be able to have him bring me as I am disabled and cannot drive myself. If you do come to the area, I would love to know about it! By all means, let me know through my blog so that others will want to know what’s up!!!

      God bless you and yours,
      Rhonda Radandt

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