Seeking the Remnant Leaders

As a strict constitutionist, I may be able to find some faults with the Reagan administration, such as increased national debt or not always toeing a perfectly constitutional line, but I am reminded by this video that Ronald Reagan stands in stark contrast to today’s political leaders – most so called “conservatives” included – as a sincere Christian man who publicly acknowledged God and possessed that true form of patriotism that honestly sought the best interests of his country. I challenge you to watch the video, then ask yourself how many men you can name who possess this kind of spirit and character among those inside the beltway today, or in your state government, or your city, or…?

I’ve been honored to know a few men – very few – cut from similar cloth, mostly from my association with the Constitution Party. However, I’m hard pressed to name men of such character among the dominant leadership of the Christian-conservative-right in our day. There are a handful of such men out there, but they are not being propelled to positions of prominence. It appears that the Christian right, the conservative movement, TEA Parties and the like, are preferring leaders with big names and political clout – men who can give them a seat at the table of power or who can win at the polls. Nevertheless, God always has a remnant reserved for Himself who have not bowed the knee to false gods nor compromised for political expediency, including a handful of remnant leaders with the values and patriotism of a Ronald Reagan. The question is, will God’s people seek out and rally around those remnant leaders or will they prefer to follow populist movements, power brokers and a favored party as they sell their Christian and American birthrights for a bowl of political pottage?