Keep On Doing The Same

An off the cuff email reply to a friend that ended up getting forwarded, then published in eastern Washington’s Palouse Patriot – Thanks Rick!

I find it interesting that over and over I hear ‘conservative’ Republicans saying that a third choice on the ballot is a bad thing, will split the vote, foul up the whole balance of power, dilute the system, etc. But aren’t these the same conservatives who tout free market economic solutions, saying that freedom of choice in the market place will encourage competition, more choice, better products, etc. as producers compete for their market Continue reading “Keep On Doing The Same”

Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!

During a recent conversation with a Constitution Party of Washington leader, the fact was brought up that many people will argue against voting for a third party saying, “You’re wasting your vote,” or “You’re letting the liberal get elected,” etc. He inquired what answers we, as a party, might be able to provide against such arguments.

The Constitution Party of Virginia website has some good information about this subject on Continue reading “Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!”

A Vote For Fear

Many good Christian people will admit that neither John McCain or Barack Obama represent what they seek and desire in a Presidential candidate. They admit that neither candidate represents what is Biblically and Constitutionally sound, that neither represents or upholds the principles of liberty, individual God-given rights and Constitutionally-limited government that America was founded upon. Continue reading “A Vote For Fear”