How to Vote Like a Christian

With election day bearing down on us, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how Christians should vote. I’m not talking about which party or candidate to vote for, but about the qualities that God requires in those who will govern over us. Yes, the Bible really does set forth criteria for civil leaders and those of us who seek to honor God would do well to observe it. It is found in Exodus 18:21. Continue reading “How to Vote Like a Christian”

How Low Will We Go?

For several decades now, with each passing election cycle, conservatives find themselves called upon to lower their standards and vote for candidates who constitute a new low in a ‘less than Christian’ and ‘less than Constitutional’ standard. Conservatives are told they have no choice; that if they don’t vote for the Republican the Democrat will win; that in order to defeat the liberal, they must elect a neocon now and hope to somehow “hold his Continue reading “How Low Will We Go?”

The Dino Rossi Question

A friend recently asked me for my take on the U.S. Senate race and the ‘Dino Rossi question.’ They asked “Are the Republicans supporting Rossi?? Who should we be supporting?” In asking “are the Republicans supporting Rossi?” I am confident they were referring to the state Republican Party, or more precisely, the party’s leadership and the establishment power structure within the party. It is quite apparent to me “the Continue reading “The Dino Rossi Question”

We Need a Standard

As the 2010 election cycle gets set in motion, I’m hearing Christian-conservative-Constitutional-and liberty-minded people beginning to discuss candidates. They are looking to see which announced candidate will become the ‘favored son’ that their group, organization or social circle will invest their time, money and effort in hoping him to be the one who will carry the banner for their cause and deliver them from the dreaded liberals. Continue reading “We Need a Standard”

Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!

During a recent conversation with a Constitution Party of Washington leader, the fact was brought up that many people will argue against voting for a third party saying, “You’re wasting your vote,” or “You’re letting the liberal get elected,” etc. He inquired what answers we, as a party, might be able to provide against such arguments.

The Constitution Party of Virginia website has some good information about this subject on Continue reading “Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!”

A Vote For Fear

Many good Christian people will admit that neither John McCain or Barack Obama represent what they seek and desire in a Presidential candidate. They admit that neither candidate represents what is Biblically and Constitutionally sound, that neither represents or upholds the principles of liberty, individual God-given rights and Constitutionally-limited government that America was founded upon. Continue reading “A Vote For Fear”