Blaming Third Parties for Major Party Losses Ignores the Elephant in the Room

In the wake of Republican losses in the recent election, I ran across an article suggesting that third party candidates may have contributed to the defeat of some Republicans. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. However, to simply blame third parties and independents for major party losses is to miss a much bigger point.

First – third party and independent candidates very rarely take enough votes to be the deciding factor in an election. Even when a third party candidate takes as many votes as the difference between the two major party candidates, the third party candidate’s votes do not come exclusively from voters who would have all voted for the same major party candidate had the third party candidate not been in the race. Some who typically vote D will on occasion crossover to vote R, while an R might vote for a D under certain circumstances.

Then there’s the 39 percent of the public who identify as independent. Some of those people will vote for the D, some for the R, and some for a third party or independent candidate. Continue reading “Blaming Third Parties for Major Party Losses Ignores the Elephant in the Room”

Draft Judge Napolitano – But Not as a Republican

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The other night I ran across a Facebook page titled “Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President.” I found that it is associated with a website devoted to the same purpose of convincing the judge to seek the Presidency in 2016. I like Judge Napolitano. I’m not aware of his having ever said anything that I disagree with and I would be pleased to have him as President. However, I have one problem with this effort.

The “Draft the Judge” petition concludes by calling on “Judge Andrew Napolitano to offer himself as a ‘Republican‘ candidate for President of the United States” (emphasis added). This despite the fact that after identifying numerous of our country’s ills, the petition rightly identifies both the Republican and Democrat Parties as the source of our problems, stating that they have “worked in tandem as an entrenched political duopoly to put the United States on this path, despite both parties’ claiming fundamental ideological differences.” Continue reading “Draft Judge Napolitano – But Not as a Republican”

The Assault on One of the Chief Cornerstones of Our Freedom

The idea of freedom being under attack is nothing new. Our liberties, our God given rights and Constitutional protections have been under assault for some time now. However, while we have been busy running from one battle to another, our minds overwhelmed by the minutia of the multitude of issues that we are inundated with by television and talk radio hosts, I am concerned that one of the chief cornerstones of freedom has been under a Continue reading “The Assault on One of the Chief Cornerstones of Our Freedom”

Whether to Run as a Republican – Part II

In response to my recent “Whether to Run as a Republican” article, four-term Republican State Representative from Missouri (now running as the Constitution Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor), Cynthia Davis, had the following to say.

Robert Peck, I am incredibly inspired by your article. Thank you for taking the time to put this into print for many of us to read and use in our own states. You did a Continue reading “Whether to Run as a Republican – Part II”

Whether to Run as a Republican

It’s filing week here in my home state of Washington – the week that candidates for public office go to their local courthouse, pay a filing fee and have their name placed on the ballot for the August primary election. This brings up the question of which party banner to file under. My state allows any candidate to associate themselves with the party of their choice. Different states have different laws governing how a person’s name can appear on Continue reading “Whether to Run as a Republican”

Are They One Of Us?

Is it just me, or is the Presidential election cycle starting earlier and earlier? I mean since when do you hold Presidential primary debates before you’ve even had the preceding year’s general election? It was getting downright confusing for a while there, hearing people talking in the same breath about candidates that were running in different elections in different years. Nevertheless, the Presidential election cycle is upon us and people are Continue reading “Are They One Of Us?”

Leading Without A Compass

I recently ran across a bit of information that at first confused me; then frustrated me; then made me question; then it made a light come on; then it brought my view of our so called ‘conservative’ Republican leaders in Congress to a new low.

Some years back, I ran across the Freedom Index published by the John Birch Society. The index is published once every 6 months and tracks key bills in Congress and the votes of each member of Congress on those bills. Votes are scrutinized for adherence to the U.S. Constitution, sound fiscal policy and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding ‘entangling alliances.’ Members of Congress are then rated from 0% to 100% for adherence to this standard. Continue reading “Leading Without A Compass”

Keep On Doing The Same

An off the cuff email reply to a friend that ended up getting forwarded, then published in eastern Washington’s Palouse Patriot – Thanks Rick!

I find it interesting that over and over I hear ‘conservative’ Republicans saying that a third choice on the ballot is a bad thing, will split the vote, foul up the whole balance of power, dilute the system, etc. But aren’t these the same conservatives who tout free market economic solutions, saying that freedom of choice in the market place will encourage competition, more choice, better products, etc. as producers compete for their market Continue reading “Keep On Doing The Same”

Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!

During a recent conversation with a Constitution Party of Washington leader, the fact was brought up that many people will argue against voting for a third party saying, “You’re wasting your vote,” or “You’re letting the liberal get elected,” etc. He inquired what answers we, as a party, might be able to provide against such arguments.

The Constitution Party of Virginia website has some good information about this subject on Continue reading “Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!”