Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!

During a recent conversation with a Constitution Party of Washington leader, the fact was brought up that many people will argue against voting for a third party saying, “You’re wasting your vote,” or “You’re letting the liberal get elected,” etc. He inquired what answers we, as a party, might be able to provide against such arguments.

The Constitution Party of Virginia website has some good information about this subject on Continue reading “Why a Third Party Vote is NOT a Wasted Vote!”

A Vote For Fear

Many good Christian people will admit that neither John McCain or Barack Obama represent what they seek and desire in a Presidential candidate. They admit that neither candidate represents what is Biblically and Constitutionally sound, that neither represents or upholds the principles of liberty, individual God-given rights and Constitutionally-limited government that America was founded upon. Continue reading “A Vote For Fear”