2 thoughts on “My Mothers Day Message

  1. I really enjoyed this talk! I especially liked your uplifting words of encouragement about the mission of Mothers. It is not easy out here in the world these days, for decades the sacredness of Motherhood has been under attack. We have to fight for the freedom to be women, let alone fight to be mothers dedicated to the rearing of children rather than the rearing of corporations. Restoring the sacredness of motherhood and the natural family is essential to the salvation of our nation.

  2. Amen Karen. I believe that the feminist movement fell for a lie of the devil in seeking to be equal with men by seeking to be the same as men. God didn’t design us to be the same, but different – equally different so that we could be equally superiorly designed for equally different and equally important roles that require equal devotion and sacrifice in order to be an equal benefit to each other and to humanity as a whole.

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