Healing is the Natural Effect of the Creator

Healing is the natural effect of the Creator coming in contact with His creation.”

This thought actually came to me several years ago. My local church has a Thanksgiving testimony service the night before Thanksgiving Day. One of the guys shared about praying for another guy at the men’s prayer meeting and how the other guy was healed. To be honest, my flesh wanted to recoil a little and pridefully think to itself, “Why did that happen for him? He’s not that super-spiritual, gifted, or anointed.” But, on the other hand, I suppose the carnal mind thinks that healing has to be something spectacular that can only happen after a week of fasting to work up enough “super-faith.”

I believe the Spirit prompted me in that moment to realize that supernatural healing is the most natural thing there is. It’s what happens by nature whenever the Creator is allowed to come in contact with His creation. Healing is something that can occur whenever the smallest act of child-like faith opens the door wide enough for God to come in and come in contact with His creation. It’s actually impossible for anything in creation to come in contact with its Creator and not be saved, delivered, healed, redeemed, renewed, restored, and made whole.

I’m all for growing in faith, and it’s something I’m seeking for myself. However, I think we err when we get the idea that to receive healing, we have to be so super-spiritual that sparks fly off us when we walk into a room. Instead, I perceive it’s more important to simply get enough doubt and unbelief out of the way so that simple, child-like faith can open the door and let the Creator come in, have contact with His creation, and do what He naturally does.

2 thoughts on “Healing is the Natural Effect of the Creator

  1. Marshall Wicks

    Amen Bob! Big Amen! It is THE reason God came to earth in the first place. To restore all things to Himself. He wants what He had in Eden. “Adam, where are you?” Healing comes as we learn to Abide in Him….John 15

  2. Thanks Marshall, and a big “Amen” to you too. In fact, I hope to do a teaching on that idea of restoration in the near future. God isn’t done with planet earth, he has a restoration plan and the church has a part to play in that plan.

    Meanwhile, the lady helping me with remodeling my house notified me today that I have an appointment next week with a “Marshall Wicks” who we’re going to talk to about doing some flooring installation etc. I’m thinking this may be more than a coincidence. I’ll find out when the real Marshall Wicks gets here next week.

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