The Political Movement That Cried “Soros!”

woman-fear-300pFor some time now, conservatives have used George Soros as a sort of political litmus test to prove the presence of evil. Any candidate or cause receiving support from the globalist billionaire is quickly labeled “an enemy of freedom,” to be feared and dreaded as a threat to the republic, and which must be opposed by every means.

For example, in the recent Presidential election, if any conservatives were not sufficiently motivated to support Mr. Trump, Hillary Clinton’s association with Mr. Soros could always be pointed to as token evidence of her being the antichrist’s evil stepsister and harbinger of doom, who must be defeated at any cost.

Mr. Soros’ support of a given democratic candidate has often provided the impetus for calling all conservatives to rally to the aid of the republican opponent – any republican – every republican – anything to deliver ourselves from the clutches of a Soros-backed democrat.

However, I am now informed by a WorldNetDaily exclusive, that Mr. Soros has been backing some republicans as well. In fact, this “purveyor of international evil” (according to the conservative right) donated to the campaign of Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan. That would be the same Paul Ryan who, a couple of years ago, was cheered as the “conservative” replacement for the compromised, then-House Speaker, John Boehner, who, a few years before, had also been cheered by conservatives as “the Tea Party champion who would deliver us from the evil, Soros-backed democrats,” though, as it turns out, Boehner was also a recipient of Soros’ funding.

Here in my state of Washington, Mr. Soros (or his front organizations) donated to the campaign of conservative nemesis and enemy of all that is good, the evil, dreadful, despicable, democrat, U.S. Senator, Patty Murray. But wait! Soros also supported the virtuous, conservative, darling of the Christian right, republican, U. S. Representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers. But it’s all right, because apparently receiving Soros funding only makes you evil if you have the wrong party initial after your name.

To be fair, the donations to most of these people appear to have been quite small in the context of today’s big-money politics, and the candidates probably don’t know, or care, where the money came from. Nevertheless, if Mr. Soros is as evil as conservatives say that he is (and I have no reason to think otherwise), then one has to wonder why any of his funding would go to supposedly “conservative” republicans, unless, that is, he is getting some kind of return on his investment.

Hmm, let’s see, my U.S. Representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, keeps voting for international trade deals that diminish U.S. sovereignty and export jobs; and she just happens to get funding from the infamous promoter of globalization, George Soros. But no, I’m sure there’s no connection there, after all, Cathy has an “R” after her name.

Frankly, I doubt that very many, if any, of these people are actually casting their votes in Congress purposely to appease Mr. Soros. Rather, I expect that Mr. Soros is just taking note of which U. S. politicians are voting in a manner that serves his purposes, then supporting them to keep them in office, which, come to think of it, may be an even greater indictment against them, as it would mean they are doing Mr. Soros’ work for him, without even being asked.

I’m not really that interested in Mr. Soros, or the list of republicans that he has supported. I’m more interested in the gullibility of the Christian-conservative-right, and our willingness to rush to the aid of whomever we’re told to aid, whenever conservative leaders cry “Wolf,” telling us that this or that republican candidate is being opposed by an evil, Soros-supported democrat. I’m tired of watching the conservative right be duped and manipulated by such cheap tricks and I find it downright hypocritical when conservatives use the connection to Soros to decry democrats as evil, then turn a blind eye to republicans who receive funding from the same source.

Let’s return to principle. Let’s return to the Bible, the Constitution and the timeless principles of liberty as our only criteria for choosing candidates and giving our support. Let each candidate stand or fall on their own merit. Receiving Soros’ funding doesn’t necessarily make a candidate evil, and not receiving Soros’ funding certainly doesn’t make them good.

Stop letting political hucksters yank your chain by crying “Soros,” or some other equally dreaded name intended to strike fear into the hearts of conservatives. In fact, while we’re at it, let’s just stop fearing altogether. Fear is a tool that Satan uses to intimidate us into compromising so that he can gradually separate us from our professed values. Come to think of it, that strategy works quite well. For fear of Soros-backed democrats, he now has us supporting Soros-backed republicans.

Let’s follow the sound admonition of John Quincy Adams and:

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

One thought on “The Political Movement That Cried “Soros!”

  1. Karen Murray

    Love it! Great article! We all need to remember that we are ultimately responsible for the government we have. We need to build on a foundation of the basic principles of American Liberty. I believe in Trickle Up Liberty. Liberty begins first in our hearts, then in our homes, and then our local communities. Once we have establish Liberty where we live, we will then understand how to choose state and federal candidates who are committed to the same principles and not just lip-service during election season. Liberty trickles up to the highest level, it is not imposed from the top down. Top Down Liberty is really Tyranny disguised as Liberty. The good news is you can start building American Liberty today. You don’t have to wait for the next election. Learn the principles, commit to standing for them where you live, then seek for others who share them and ask them to run for office (and support them financially and with your time). That is the only way to defeat the political puppet masters, but not allowing your strings to be pulled at their will.

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