What the Gospel Can Do

In July I wrote an article addressing the causes of illegal immigration and who is really to blame. One of the things I found myself wanting to say, though it didn’t actually fit the context of the article, is that the thing most needed and which a Christian people should be most earnestly desiring, is the preaching of the Gospel and the bringing of “The Blessing” to those countries where poverty and violence are causing people to flee to the U.S.

About a week after publishing that article, I was informed that a minister who I support is planning to hold meetings in Guatemala in November. I shared my article and the above comments with him and yesterday he replied with the following message.

“I agree with your assessment of the immigration issue. We need to start at the source. There is a village in Guatemala where every soul is born again, and God has prospered them all supernaturally. That’s the power of the Gospel.”

There is a place for politics, but that place comes after the Kingdom of God. The proper use of Christian political activism is to declare the will of God to the civil society and to make known the counsels of His kingdom for the governance of the land. Politics alone cannot solve the problems of this or any nation. For peace, prosperity and blessing to reign, the whole counsel of God (His Word) must be taught, believed, received and obeyed. When that happens, whole villages can enjoy blessing in the midst of one of the most impoverished and violence ridden countries on the planet. Think what faith and obedience could do for our country, or your state, or city, or church, or home.

4 thoughts on “What the Gospel Can Do

  1. J.P. McCarthy on Detroit talk radio in the 1950’s could tell where you lived for a length of time by expressions a person used in speaking. When thing went slow he could ask how long they lived in Tennessee or elsewhere. Incidently, he was named after the ancestor who discovered oxygen

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