Constitution Party Video Channel – One Of My Other Hobbies

Most of you are probably aware of my involvement in the Constitution Party. What you may not be aware of is that I’ve been taking my video camera to Constitution Party meetings, recording the speeches and have now set up a Constitution Party video channel on

After years of attending national committee meetings, hearing great speeches and wishing I could share them with the folks back home, I finally decided to do something about it. I started with audio recordings, then purchased a video camera, then played around with video editing software to learn how it works, did a lot of online searches for information, did a lot of head scratching, and yes, made a few mistakes along the way too. While I may still have a ways to go in the field of video production, we’ve come a long way in the effort to make Constitution Party information, speeches and commentaries available to our supporters and the public at large.

The following is an announcement that I’ve sent out to all of my personal contacts to officially announce the Constitution Party video channel.


For those who may not yet be aware, there is now a Constitution Party video channel. You can now listen to speeches from our national committee meetings, watch commentaries on current issues and more, 24/7, world-wide, at .

There are currently 28 videos posted on our main channel including messages from our 2008 Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, World Net Daily reporter Jerome Corsi, Congressman Virgil Goode, Constitution Party founder Howard Phillips, Constitution Party Vice Chairman and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Darrell Castle, Congressman Tom Tancredo, California Gubernatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale and more.

We also have an Albums page at .  Here you can view videos by category, such as all of the videos from a particular national committee meeting.


Today’s America is a multi-media, sight and sound oriented society that communicates via the web and gets its information on the go. So what better way to spread the Constitution Party message than through videos that can be shared with friends and the whole wide world by:

Embedding – Just click on the button labeled ’embed’ that appears in the video’s viewer when the cursor is hovering over the video screen. A screen will pop up with an embed code, copy and paste the code into your website or blogging software.

Sharing – Share on Flickr, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, StumbleUpon, or Digg with just a click of the mouse by clicking on the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the viewer screen.

Email – While watching a video that you want to share with friends, just click in your browser’s address bar to highlight the web address shown, then copy it, paste it into the body of an email and send it to everyone in your address book.

Mobile Devices – Constitution Party videos have mobile version available that can be viewed on mobile devices like data enabled cell phones.

DVDs – Videos posted on the Constitution Party channel can easily be burned to DVD disks that can be handed out to friends or provided to the public at a Constitution Party fair booth. The source files can be downloaded from the Vimeo website (requires a free Vimeo account), then burned to disk using free software. To learn how, go to and read the instructions at the bottom of the left side bar.


Four of the speeches delivered at last month’s Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania have now been posted, they include:

Trading Our Sovereignty, Erasing Our Borders, Bankrupting Our Nation and Betraying Our Children – Congressman Virgil Goode

Around the Middle East in Forty-Five Minutes – Darrell Castle

Preserving Our Personal Liberties – A Canadian Conservative’s Perspective – Victor Chiasson

Foundations of Liberty – Peg Luksik

These videos are at the top of the list at the Constitution Party channel, or you can go directly to the Harrisburg National Committee Meeting album. Six more videos from this exciting event are still in the hopper and will be posted as soon as the post production work is completed.


Now some of you might be asking “why Vimeo instead of YouTube?” Well it’s not really an ‘either-or’ question. In fact, one of our supporters in Florida, Stephen McGehee, has been posting some of these same videos on a YouTube Constitution Party channel.

The intent is not to limit Constitution Party videos to our channel on Vimeo, rather, the intent is to use this account as a master repository of Constitution Party videos in the hope that they will go out from there to be embedded in websites, shared through social sites and reposted on other sites, including YouTube.

YouTube definitely has the most traffic of any video website, so if you have an account there, please feel free to download Constitution Party videos found on Vimeo and repost them to YouTube – that’s where we’ll get the ‘drive by’ traffic.

Meanwhile, for people just getting interested in our party and who want to learn more about us, direct them to our Vimeo Constitution Party channel to see all that we have to offer. For the party faithful who want to hear all the important speeches from the most recent national committee meeting, go to our Vimeo account and find out what you missed (please allow a few weeks for post production work before the videos get posted). To find content to share with others, go to our Vimeo Constitution Party channel and find a good video to embed, share, repost, link to, or whatever you can do to help get our message in front of others.

One thought on “Constitution Party Video Channel – One Of My Other Hobbies

  1. The biggest reason for Vimeo over Youtube is the ability to post the entire video in one segment no matter how long it is, and at High Definition resolution. Kind of an online archive repository for our videos without loss of content.

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