It’s Us Versus Them and the Problem is Us

Us vs Them 295In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own troubles, that would be unthinkable. It’s always the other guy who fouls everything up. We’re innocent. If only the whole world were left to us, it would be a utopian paradise.

The same phenomenon exists in the political arena where the “us versus them” mentality finds that it is always the other political party that is the problem. You name the trouble, the other party caused it. Whether we’re talking Democrat vs Republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, one thing is certain, the other side is the root of all evil. If only the country were turned over to our side, to our favored “ism” or political party, we would make it a utopian paradise.

While I can’t speak for those who identify with the liberal-left or Democrat side of this equation, I do spend a lot of time around people who identify as Christian, conservative or who faithfully and unquestioningly vote Republican and who know for certain that they’re not the problem. They couldn’t possibly be responsible for any of America’s ills as they’re on the right side, profess the right “ism” and vote for the candidate with the right initial after his name. If only the Christian side, the conservative side, the “right” side could prevail at the ballot box and fill the halls of power with people who have the right party initial after their name, America would become a utopian paradise… right? Continue reading “It’s Us Versus Them and the Problem is Us”

Interview on “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective”

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IMG_0790 Cropped Close - 150 ThumbnailOn Wednesday, December 18, I was a guest on “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective,” a locally generated radio program aired weekdays at 9:00am on Spokane’s KTRW, 630AM. The program is co-hosted by Spokane City Councilman, Mike Fagan, and former Washington State Senator, Jeff Baxter. In this half hour interview, we discussed the Constitution Party, its principles and policies and the general spiritual and political state of the nation.

Boston Marathon Bombings and The Only True Source of Safety

CrossBibleFlag - 263x210Whatever the final story behind the Boston Marathon bombings turns out to be, one thing is already evident.  No amount of bombs dropped on far away countries, drones flying overhead, airport security scanners, warrantless wiretaps, or gun free zones can make a people safe.  Safety – true safety – is only of the Lord.

I am mindful of the first words that bubbled up within me upon seeing the twin towers falling on 9-11, “America, how long will you be proud?”  That is to say, how long will we trust in ourselves, thinking we don’t need God, that we are sufficient in ourselves, can fix our own problems and meet our own needs? Continue reading “Boston Marathon Bombings and The Only True Source of Safety”

How to Vote Like a Christian

With election day bearing down on us, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how Christians should vote. I’m not talking about which party or candidate to vote for, but about the qualities that God requires in those who will govern over us. Yes, the Bible really does set forth criteria for civil leaders and those of us who seek to honor God would do well to observe it. It is found in Exodus 18:21. Continue reading “How to Vote Like a Christian”

Don’t Let the Bogeyman Get You

A friend recently commented on Facebook about how tired she is of the demonization of Obama that seems to pervade the conversations of conservatives. Not because she in any way approves of Obama or agrees with his policies, but because his are substantially the same policies as the preceding administration and would for the most part be continued by a Romney administration as well. My friend was in no way defending Obama, but was Continue reading “Don’t Let the Bogeyman Get You”

A Thought for the Day on Money and Politics

People often assume, and wrongly so, that because the Constitution Party is a political party, we’re flushed with funds. They have the idea that anything associated with politics by nature attracts large sums of money. But in the ranks of principled, Biblically and Constitutionally oriented, patriotic political organizations, it just isn’t so. Why not? Because unlike the two establishment parties, we’re not in the business of influence Continue reading “A Thought for the Day on Money and Politics”

It’s Here! It’s Here! The New Republican Pledge to America is Here!

(a critical review from a Constitutional perspective)

So does the Republican’s new “Pledge to America” make you want to jump for joy, run up and down and shout? Well that’s what it’s supposed to do – at least that’s the effect the Republicans are hoping it will have on conservatives. However, it doesn’t really affect me that way, but then I’m not a conservative. I’m a Christian and a Constitutionalist and I just can’t quite buy into the Republican’s attempt to repackage and sell themselves to the Continue reading “It’s Here! It’s Here! The New Republican Pledge to America is Here!”

Just Say NO! To a Constitutional Convention

I recently received (for the third time I believe) an email that’s making the rounds that calls for a proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The main point of the message, and the proposed amendment, is to make Congress live by the same laws they make us live by – a laudable goal. However, the message calls for a “Constitutional Convention” to implement this proposal – this I must warn against. Continue reading “Just Say NO! To a Constitutional Convention”

The Dino Rossi Question

A friend recently asked me for my take on the U.S. Senate race and the ‘Dino Rossi question.’ They asked “Are the Republicans supporting Rossi?? Who should we be supporting?” In asking “are the Republicans supporting Rossi?” I am confident they were referring to the state Republican Party, or more precisely, the party’s leadership and the establishment power structure within the party. It is quite apparent to me “the Continue reading “The Dino Rossi Question”

Keep On Doing The Same

An off the cuff email reply to a friend that ended up getting forwarded, then published in eastern Washington’s Palouse Patriot – Thanks Rick!

I find it interesting that over and over I hear ‘conservative’ Republicans saying that a third choice on the ballot is a bad thing, will split the vote, foul up the whole balance of power, dilute the system, etc. But aren’t these the same conservatives who tout free market economic solutions, saying that freedom of choice in the market place will encourage competition, more choice, better products, etc. as producers compete for their market Continue reading “Keep On Doing The Same”