Why Support the Establishment Media?

So I just have to ask, why are any self identified conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalists, those possessing critical thinking skills, or any other lifeforms claiming intelligence or demonstrating a lick of common sense, still supporting the “Establishment Media”? For a long time, conservative types have decried the so called “liberal news media”, but they keep on watching the 6 o’clock news and buying newspapers and thereby Continue reading “Why Support the Establishment Media?”

The Dino Rossi Question

A friend recently asked me for my take on the U.S. Senate race and the ‘Dino Rossi question.’ They asked “Are the Republicans supporting Rossi?? Who should we be supporting?” In asking “are the Republicans supporting Rossi?” I am confident they were referring to the state Republican Party, or more precisely, the party’s leadership and the establishment power structure within the party. It is quite apparent to me “the Continue reading “The Dino Rossi Question”