Just Vote No!

A Look at Principles of Government and Just Taxation

No New TaxesIt’s special election time again here in Washington, that time when we waste even more taxpayer dollars to hold elections that have only one or two items on the ballot – items that likely would fail if placed on a general election ballot where the will of the greater population is more accurately reflected. Here in Spokane County, the two ballot issues are the renewal of an expiring sales tax for juvenile detention facilities and a 3/10% sales tax increase to fund public transportation.

The specific ballot issues may be unique to my county, but the principles of government and just taxation that are guiding my vote are applicable everywhere and should be applied at every election.


I will be saying “NO!” to renewing the expiring juvenile detention sales tax because we as a society are Taxed Enough Already! Continue reading “Just Vote No!”

Staying Focused on the Big Picture

TrueGrit325pAs a new year begins and a new Congress comes on the stage promising reform, fiscal accountability and a return to conservative principles, I’ve got to remind us all to stay focused on the big picture. Too often, our attention is diverted from the real and weighty issues that determine the future of our country, our liberty and our prosperity. Like the illusionist who diverts our attention from what is really going on, the political powers that be, along with the dominant media and political pundits, direct our attention to whatever is being billed as the major political battle of the day. But more often than not, those battles are being waged over what amounts to minutia or only minor differences in policy when compared to what I consider to be the big picture. Continue reading “Staying Focused on the Big Picture”