It’s Us Versus Them and the Problem is Us

Us vs Them 295In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own troubles, that would be unthinkable. It’s always the other guy who fouls everything up. We’re innocent. If only the whole world were left to us, it would be a utopian paradise.

The same phenomenon exists in the political arena where the “us versus them” mentality finds that it is always the other political party that is the problem. You name the trouble, the other party caused it. Whether we’re talking Democrat vs Republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, one thing is certain, the other side is the root of all evil. If only the country were turned over to our side, to our favored “ism” or political party, we would make it a utopian paradise.

While I can’t speak for those who identify with the liberal-left or Democrat side of this equation, I do spend a lot of time around people who identify as Christian, conservative or who faithfully and unquestioningly vote Republican and who know for certain that they’re not the problem. They couldn’t possibly be responsible for any of America’s ills as they’re on the right side, profess the right “ism” and vote for the candidate with the right initial after his name. If only the Christian side, the conservative side, the “right” side could prevail at the ballot box and fill the halls of power with people who have the right party initial after their name, America would become a utopian paradise… right? Continue reading “It’s Us Versus Them and the Problem is Us”

Interview on “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective”

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IMG_0790 Cropped Close - 150 ThumbnailOn Wednesday, December 18, I was a guest on “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective,” a locally generated radio program aired weekdays at 9:00am on Spokane’s KTRW, 630AM. The program is co-hosted by Spokane City Councilman, Mike Fagan, and former Washington State Senator, Jeff Baxter. In this half hour interview, we discussed the Constitution Party, its principles and policies and the general spiritual and political state of the nation.

The Truth About Republicans

Confused ElephantThis week I received my official “Truth About Republicans Survey” from Speaker of the House, John Boehner. In the opening line Mr. Boehner informs me that he urgently needs my help to “set the record straight.”

It appears the media has been spreading lies about Republicans and Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party need my help in making the truth about Republicans known far and wide. So, taking Mr. Boehner’s letter and the accompanying survey at face value, as opposed to cynically presuming it to be a mere marketing tool and a fundraising gimmick, I thought I would help Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party by publicly, and very candidly, answering the survey questions and doing my part to make the truth known.

There are 15 questions in the survey, each of which is followed by check boxes for “Yes,” or “No.” Frankly, I found a simple yes or no answer to be thoroughly inadequate for answering the questions. To merely check a box would give an utterly false representation of what I believe to be the truth of the matter. Thus, this article will serve as my full answer to the survey as I help Mr. Boehner discover the truth about Republicans. Continue reading “The Truth About Republicans”

Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 3)

Part 3: Ichabod

Election 2012We’ve been discussing the departure of the Christian-conservative-religious right from the Biblical and Constitutional values that we have told ourselves we were contending for. We looked at an allegorical example of how this has happened gradually and subtly over a generation or more without our even noticing our departure from the God prescribed path or the departure of His presence and favor upon our political endeavors. But can such a thing really happen? Is there a historical precedent for it? Continue reading “Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 3)”

Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 2)

Part 2: Lost in the Forest

Election 2012In Part 1 of this series we looked at the departure of the Christian-conservative-religious right from the Biblical and Constitutional principles that it once represented. We saw how that departure was documented in black and white in the 2012 primary elections. Remember, the primary election is where the Christian-conservative-religious right (which predominately votes Republican and serves as that party’s base of support) chooses the candidates who best represent their values and which they want to be represented by in the general election. Continue reading “Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 2)”

Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 1)

Part 1: The Departure Observed

Election 2012For a month now, the Christian-conservative-religious right has been reeling from the outcome of the 2012 elections like a boxer staggering under the effect of a near knockout blow. While some are vowing to return to the ring with renewed fervor, others are in a funk, despairing the outcome of the election. The odd fact of the matter is that despite the emotional trauma suffered by conservatives, the 2012 elections didn’t really change anything. We have the same President, the same party still controls the U.S. House of Representatives and the same party is in control in the Senate. Even the party control of state governorships only changed by one state. So if nothing has changed, why the despair? Continue reading “Ichabod – The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (Part 1)”

America Rescued and Freedom Preserved as Republicans Adopt a “Conservative” Platform

I suppose it is inevitable as it happens once every four years – the spectacle of the Christian-conservative right jumping for joy and shouting aloud, in a manner reminiscent of Steve Martin’s ‘new phone book’ scene in the movie The Jerk, “It’s here, it’s here, the new Republican Platform is here!”

Today I received the daily blog email of a Christian organization telling about the great Continue reading “America Rescued and Freedom Preserved as Republicans Adopt a “Conservative” Platform”

Education, Taxes and Government Schools

School levies will once again be on the ballot in various districts around my home state of Washington on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). The education establishment learned some time ago not to put bonds and levies on the regular November ballot as they often fail at elections where larger numbers of voters turn out. In recent years, such levies are nearly always voted on in a so-called “special election” at an off season when nothing else is on the ballot and few voters participate. If the education establishment can get its base of support to turn out, Continue reading “Education, Taxes and Government Schools”

Are They One Of Us?

Is it just me, or is the Presidential election cycle starting earlier and earlier? I mean since when do you hold Presidential primary debates before you’ve even had the preceding year’s general election? It was getting downright confusing for a while there, hearing people talking in the same breath about candidates that were running in different elections in different years. Nevertheless, the Presidential election cycle is upon us and people are Continue reading “Are They One Of Us?”

They Claim To Represent Conservatives

Every day I get letters or emails from several self-avowed ‘conservative’ organizations. There are dozens and dozens out there all claiming to represent the ‘Christian-conservative-Constitutional’ cause. Most of them are doing something good, or standing against something bad, yet over and over I find myself disappointed and feeling betrayed.

Take for instance an organization that I recently found myself compelled to confront for Continue reading “They Claim To Represent Conservatives”