How I’m Voting and Why – Ballot Measures


Washington State Ballot Measurers

(also Proposition 1 in Spokane County)

Detailed information on ballot measures can be found in the online voters guide published by the Secretary of State.

A former Montana state representative once shared the following checklist with me that he used when assessing bills in the legislature. It also works quite well for ballot measures.

If Yes to any of the following, vote NO!

  1. Would it affect or diminish private ownership of anything.
  2. Would it cost the individual anything (permit, money, tax, fee, freedom).
  3. Would it require citizens to get government permission in any form.
  4. Would it cause any growth in government or bureaucracy.
  5. Would it add any new public employees.
  6. Would it run counter to the constitution, federal or state in ANYway.

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American Perspective 2013 General Election Voter Guide (Washington State)


The following are voter recommendations and supporting information for Initiatives to the Legislature, Advisory Votes and Spokane County Proposition 1, on the November 5, 2013, Washington State General Election ballot.


Initiative to the Legislature 517
This measure would set penalties for interfering with or retaliating against signature-gatherers and petition-signers; require that all measures receiving sufficient signatures appear on the ballot; and extend time for gathering initiative petition signatures.

vote “YES” is recommended

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