Interposition: The Duty of States to Protect Their Citizens


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This speech was delivered by Dr. Herb Titus at New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies Conference in September 2000. A transcript of the speech is available at

Herb Titus is of counsel to the McLean, Virginia law firm of William J. Olson, P.C. His law practice concentrates on promoting limited civil government and protecting individual and family liberties. Representative clients of the firm are the Michael New Action Fund, the Christian Liberty Society, Gun Owners Foundation, and DownsizeDC. Author of the widely used text, “God, Man & Law: The Biblical Principles,” Titus has taught Constitutional law for 30 years. Converted to Christ in 1975 at a church picked out of a newspaper and delivered from 1960’s radical liberalism, Herb and his wife, Marilyn, have four children and 15 grandchildren. They live in Chesapeake, Virginia on 15 acres where they raise geese and turkeys.

4 thoughts on “Interposition: The Duty of States to Protect Their Citizens

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  3. Unfortunately the conservative representation in government is lacking with each passing congressional miscue. This bold step would be NO worse than more lax Republicans enabling neo Marxists in our federal government.

    1. Karen

      What we need is Constitutional Representation in government, not more conservatives who seem to only be interested in “conserving” the status quo…

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